The Sate of Television

The sate of television

Is it just 99 London escorts or is it the case that the state of UK television is not great. It is true that those British producers still deliver quality television although they no longer seem to have the budgets to make the great drams of the past I do not think we will see another Brideshead Revisited anytime soon. The real worry is that our television channels are happy to churn out realty show after reality show. The fact is today that so many of the same people crop up in these programmes they are not even close to reality. While The Only Way is Essex is one of the better shows it is about as real as Star Trek. The early shows like the original Big Brother are the American show Survivor were excellent ground breaking shows. That is not the case any longer and now this kind of television is just a cheap way of filling the schedules.

The reason this subject has come to the fore is that 99 escorts have seen a promo for a new reality series that looks behind the scenes at Greggs. I kid you not a television programme that looks at how the pies get from the factory to the high street shops. Who in their right mind thought this was a good idea for a television show. Quite frankly after recently suffering the experience of a steak slice and a coffee in one of their establishments they should close the whole chain down. It is hard to imagine anyone other than those who are in the show and their friends and family watching this programme and yet a meeting took place at a television company and they decided it was a good idea. It is not just shows like the one about Greggs that are poor as anyone who has been unlucky enough to watch the latest sitcom from Ben Elton. The name of the programme escapes me I do believe my subconscious has made me forget it.

The really depressing thing about the quality of so much television is that there is no reason to believe that it will improve. As 99 London escorts point out the production companies are no longer given the budgets to produce the quality of television we deserve and that is not going to change anytime soon. Of course there are exceptions to the rule and none more so than HBO the American savior of top cl television. It is not too far of a stretch to suggest that everything this production company puts the name to be quality. Read any interviews with leading actors and it will not be long before they are saying what a joy it is to work with HBO as they are all about producing the best programming it can and that is all about investment of not just money but also time. This is reflected in the fine product it shows on our screen.

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