This is London USA

This is london usa

The thing about American culture is that it is embraced pretty much where ever you go in the world. Even countries that are anti-American cannot help but love so much of what this great nation has given us in terms of music, film, the arts in general, sport, food and wine. Indeed there I so much that influences our daily lives that is a direct result of American culture that no list could cover everything. 99 London escorts always have fun with American guys when they are ping through the capital and can even convince them they are back in the Unites States with their knowledge of all the American joints to hang out in. These lovely girls have the low down on everything from great bars and restaurants to hotels that even have the Yankee vibe. The thing is we all love a bit of Uncle Sam and you can bet your bottom dollar that Uncle Sam will want a taste of the delightful sexy ladies that he will come across in this fine city. You got the number Sammy gives us a call.

When it comes to music the greatest contribution from the United States has to be jazz a genuine gift to the world. It is a music genre that has had a profound impact on all forms of music throughout the world. 99 escorts love spending the night at places like the 100 Club and 606 where you will catch some of the best jazz artist on the planet. They also do good food, an impressive wine list and a great selection of beers. What could be better than great music, good food and fine wine in the company of a sensational lady? The answer to that question is nothing. So do not waste any more time and start putting the wheels in motion and you can be making music as well as listening to it very soon.

Something else that has had a global impact is American food more often than not of the fast variety. The thing is this food gets a bad rap which is most unfortunate. The thing is you cannot beat a great burger, or ever better excellent ribs are a real indulgence. The diner is an American institution and really to find the best you have to head to the United States. However 99 London escorts know a few places where you can get the experience and some good food as well. The hard Rock is always a good joint to hit for burgers and Automatic in Mayfair is an upmarket diner and well worth a visit. In Hoxton you have a couple of choices including the Red Dog Saloon which has brilliant ribs and tails. Then there is the fairly new Love Shake which is a real find and cheap. They serve proper hot dogs great coffee and milk shakes that have to be the very best in London. At night it becomes a speakeasy this could be my favourite joint in the capital.

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