Time to Party for Chinese New Year

Time to party for chinese new year

This is a favourite time of the year for many of the 99 London escorts who enjoy all the tradition and festive celebration of Chinese New Year. It is the first real excuse to have a big bash after the New Year and it is so different and that is what makes it so thrilling. There is always a great party in Leicester Square but much of the real fun takes place in and around Chinatown. This is always a fun place to be because it has a unique vibe and is a wonderful mix of Chinese culture, food and music. The Chinese people love an excuse for a celebration and they do it so well. It is always very interesting where ever you are in the world to visit that countries Chinatown and you can always be sure of one thing, a fun time and a great meal. Also if you like to play cards believe me there is always a game you can join, but be careful.

99 escorts wonder how you are looking to celebrate the year of the snake with the big celebration taking place this Sunday in central London and of course across the world. Make a day of it and make sure that day includes partying with sexy girls as they make everything special. One piece of advice is to get to Chinatown early so you can catch some of the parade before making for your favourite restaurant for lunch. Everybody has their favourite Chinese restaurant and one that is very popular is the Hong Kong Diner. This restaurant is pretty basic but the food is excellent. Ask for the menu they save for their Chinese clients as it is very different from the norm although you might need someone to translate it for you. The restaurant has these fun wooden booths where you can flirt and tease your date and she can do the same to you. Of course the risk of going down this road is that you soon get excited and all your thoughts change to other things other than great food. Take your time enjoy the food then the dessert.

This is certainly a weekend that 99 London escorts have been looking forward too and then of course there is February the 14th and all the fun that can be had that night. Make sure you have a hot date with a drop dead gorgeous lady so that you get the most out of the night. If you have other commitments make sure you get them out of the way so you can indulge in the sinful pleasures that you deserve. So there we have it a couple of excellent reasons to party over the coming week and we all know that the best and only way to party is with a beautiful woman. Make sure you are op top of everything and that lusty lady is in place.

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