Tiny Bars

Tiny bars

99 London escorts are always looking for an angle on what is going down in the capital. Of course when you get a group of the hottest girls in the city together they know just about all that is worth knowing about having a good time. On this occasion we thought we might give you a list of some of the smallest bars in London, it is just a bit of fun but all the venues are well worth a visit and make sure that you have a beautiful woman for company after all there is always room in any bar for a beautiful woman. First up we are going to point you in the direction of The Rake in Borough Market which is a true gem of a place. It claims to be the smallest pub in London, who knows, what we do know is it is a fine establishment but it is a joint that has more drinks than customers as only forty of us will squeeze in. That is why if you arrive with a stunning lady they will squeeze you in.

Another pub that is very popular with the 99 escorts is The Dove in Hammersmith and according to the Guinness World Records it has the smallest bar room in the world. There is also a patio and a larger room. There have been a number of famous drinkers who have been to The Dove and they include literary giants Graham Greene and Ernest Hemingway. Before that Charles ll made us of all the nooks and crannies with his mistress Nell Gwynn, good man. How about Big Red in Deptford which you may not be surprised to learn is a bus, this vintage Bristol VR double decker is a cool tail bar and pizza restaurant with a large outdoor space. They use the space very well for films and comedy nights; we just need the good weather to arrive. Our advice enjoy the five pound tails and watch the world go by.

Another gem is the Jerusalem Tavern in the City that serves up a sensational sandwich and ale from wooden casks. 99 London escorts like this place as it feels as if you are going back in time it has a real Dickensian vibe. It does get very full after work and it the decorations can make it feel as if you are on the set of a BBC costume drama which is fun in itself after all the place does date back to the eighteenth century. That said it did not open as a pub until the 90s and is certainly making up for lost time. So there we have is a few suggestions of pubs that you may not have known about and certainly well worth a visit. Why give one or two a try this weekend and do so with a hot date and that is where all the girls come in you certainly have a wonderful choice.

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