Trouble on the High Street

Trouble on the high street

it certainly seems to 99 London escorts as if the future of the high street really is coming under increasing pressure in the main from the power of internet shopping. This is a worrying development for a group of girls who love nothing more than to take to the wonderful streets of London and all the fabulous shopping they have to offer. Of course we all enjoy picking up a bargain online but you cannot beat the experience of real shopping, shopping when you get to look and feel what you might be buying. Shopping were you get to try things on and enjoy the experience with your friends. Believe me you have not lived until you have sent time with a group of the girls shopping for lingerie at Agent Provocateur. The high street may be under threat but the truth is that online shopping cannot replace the real time experience.

99 escorts feel that while much is being made on television, in the newspapers and magazines about how online shopping is taking a mive share away from the high street it cannot replace it completely. The thing we ladies like to see just what we are buying and to tell you the truth we often head out on a shopping expedition to Bond Street and we do not actually know what we want to buy. You see that is more than half the fun of shopping not discovering what you have always wanted until you see it in the shop, that is always a wonderful moment. Shopping online does not deliver this pleasure. Of course we take advantage of the technology and all the girls enjoy surf every now and again and more often than not this type of retail surfing will result in numerous purchases being made, but it is not the same. It could well be that the high street and online shopping will have to live together and could well help each other.

99 London escorts already believe that some forward thinking organizations have realized that you still need a presence on the high street to maintain a profile in the retail sector. People have to know the shop exists before they will go online and do business with it. It is also true that the shopping public trust organizations that are on the high street and as a result they then feel happy to spend their money with them online and trust has always been a problem that online shopping has struggled with. So me and the girls have decided not to panic as we think the shops will be around for a long time to come and we will still be able to enjoy the retail therapy we all need so badly. This is also good news for all the cities and towns as they need the high street in order to maintain some kind of identity. It would seem that as with so many things the real thing is so much more fun than the online experience and we should know.

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