Try Something New Boys

Try something new boys

There is no doubt that the ultimate in pleasure in London is to be found at 99 Escorts and that should always be your first port of call when you are looking for sexy and sophisticated ladies. You will never be disappointed with the hottest girls in the capital. Of course it is important to experience as much of what is on offer in London and the wonderful women just love to point you in the direction of everything that is new and exciting in the capital. Over that last few weeks we have been taking the time to give you the heads up on one or two more unusual places to visit. As with any great city there are many hidden treasures that often only the locals know about. All the locals in London know where the horniest ladies are and they kindly p on the information about the new and exciting haunts and we then let you know.

We have all seen those great Turkish baths in James Bond films amongst others and they always look like a throwback to a better more decadent age. 99 London escorts would have been right at home back in that decadent age but the good news for us is they are here and ready to be enjoyed right away. The great news you can indulge in that world just by making the short trip to Stoke Newington. Here you will find a fantastic Turkish hamam, a sauna style cleanse that is more than a nod to the ancient bathing practices of Rome and we all know what they got up to back then. You can enjoy the basic experience or push the boat out and have a full body scrub, a hot stone treatment or an aromatherapy package. The baths are run in the hamam philosophy and are open to everybody and you are encouraged to bring your friends along. Now that does sound like fun.

We all like a trip to the movies and this is certainly true of the sexy women at 99 escorts and recently they were told about a new movie going experience at the Prince Charles Cinema just off Leicester Square. This is probably the cheapest cinema in the capital and has a great schedule of films to enjoy. Something that is very popular is the quote along movies when you are encouraged to sing, swear and shout at the screen while your favourite movie shows. These tend to be very popular cult movies like The Rocky Horror Picture Show, Swingers, Grease and The Sound of Music. You are even encouraged to dress up like the characters in the film which always leads to a lot of fun when the movies is something like The Rocky Horror Picture Show or the Sound of Music. The thing is movie goers do not net much encouragement to wear stockings and suspenders and that has to be a good thing.

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