Use Your Imagination

Use your imagination

99 London escorts wonder if you like them sometimes wonder if television producers and film makers have any imagination. We are not talking about independent film makers or the one or two imaginative television production companies that do set great standards of originality. However it does seem that the big Hollywood film makers and the big players in television like to play it safe and go with tried and tested formula. If we take movies first the point we are making is backed up by the number of sequels that we have to endure. If anything is a hit you can be sure that another one will be along shortly. It is the same in all popular genres. In comedy we will be getting hangover movies for years to come, in horror just how many Hostel films did we need and how about the sports film I give you the six Rocky movies and then there are all the dance films and do not get me started on vampire films.

99 escorts also point out that it is not just sequels that seem to kill imagination it is the fashion today of making every comic book hero you can think of into a movie and also doing the same with computer games. If something works in another art form film makers would rather jump on that bandwagon rather than do something new and original. Of course this is not to say that good films do not come out of this process just not very many do. One film that comes from a comic book and is up to the third in the series is Iron Man and that is an idea that has worked. The thing is though that Hollywood studios do not like to take chances and as a result they are responsible for killing the creative process. Fortunately independent film and European film in particular fly the flag for imagination.

99 London escorts also feel that television can fall into the trap of playing it safe and often they are just following what has been successful on the big screen hence the number of vampire series we have had of late, although True Blood was a great example of imagination on the small screen. One way that television plays it safe is with the spin off series, you know what I mean a hit series gives us a second and even a third. It can work as Cheers and Frasier certainly prove but for every success believe me there are a dozen that are a disaster. Once again it is all about money and audience figures this is certainly the case in the United States where studios will kill a series after a couple of shows if it is not getting an audience. That is not the case in the UK where series are given a chance, although if you have seen the new Ben Elton series you probably think that some should be put out of their misery.

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