Wine Women and Song

Wine women and song

99 London escorts are delighted to play their part in the holy trinity of wine women and song. This is a combination of delights that will always be a winning mixture, after all what is there not to like about the tree favourites of many a discerning gentleman. The thing is the girls are just as ken on the treble as the guys and that has to get the pulse racing. There are some that feel it is wrong to over indulge and to put it bluntly these people are oh so wrong. It reminds me of a story concerning the great singer Frank Sinatra who was told by his doctor that he should drink less; he told the guy that he was not the doctor for him and walked out of his office. If that attitude is good enough for Frank it is certainly good enough for the rest of us.

The thing is in what proportion should the delightful wine, women and song be indulged? 99 escorts are of the opinion that the well-worn order of the holy trinity gives us a clue the idea being that you should build to crescendo. So why not enjoy fine wine in a generous yet reasonable fashion so that you can enjoy the company of beautiful women to the full. They also suggest that song may mean more than meets the idea, it could well be that we are talking about a song in the heart as a result of the ultimate in satisfaction. Of course the perfect date will always leave you in the mood for music. The only way to discover the right combination is to try and try again and when it comes to researching something this has to be the dream subject. I wonder if there is a course at university that can be taken.

Wine, women and song and 99 London escorts could well be the ultimate in decadence and nothing is more fun than decadence, unless of course you include even more decadence and it id the opinion of those in the know that this should always be the case. So how about some suggestions as to how we can make it work. Well the wine should be taken at only the very best bar and we suggest Blakes in Mayfair. It might be a good idea to include some of the fine food as well which is not going to be problem is it. If you know a thing or two about beautiful women you will have already set up your date and if you are not sure about how to go about things leave that to the sensational ladies we can introduce you too. As for the song that is a given and it might even include listening to some excellent music while you make music and that is as it always should be. So if you are looking to indulge now is the time to call.

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