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2011 August 2

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The Bunnies of London is a secret society of admirers of the late fictional character Harry Bunny Manders. He is the lesser known half a famous duo. If I mention the name Raffles everything should fall into place. While A.J.Raffles is undoubtedly a literary figure of great reputation, poor old Bunny has been somewhat forgotten. Hence the emergence of the Bunnies of London. A group of admirers looking to right this wrong.

The characters were created by E.W.Hornung in the 1890’s. Hornung was the brother-in-law of Arthur Conan Doyle, the creator of Sherlock Holmes. He would most certainly have endorsed the work of the Bunnies of London in preserving the character of Bunny Manders in the public consciousness. Bunny and Raffles are on the other side of the law to Holmes. Something that certainly appeals to the members of the Bunnies of London.

They are both gentlemen thieves. Raffles living in the Albany and playing cricket for the Gentlemen of England. He and Bunny support themselves by carrying out ingenious burglaries. Burglaries that the Bunnies of London are quick to point out could not have been pulled off without Mr Manders. Bunny Manders was a schoolmate saved from disgrace and suicide by Raffles, who persuaded him to accompany him on a burglary.

An act of kindness that the Bunnies of London will be forever grateful. While Raffles often takes advantage of Manders' relative innocence, and sometimes treats him with a certain amount of contempt, he knows that Manders' bravery and loyalty are to be relied on utterly.

In several stories, Manders saves the day for the two of them, after Raffles gets into situations he cannot get out of on his own. This is precisely why the Bunnies of London came about, to make more people aware of the fine character that Harry Bunny Manders was.


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