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2013 March 5

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As a London escort you can always be sure of an electrifying time in my company. Ask for Eliss and then let me take you on a sensual journey to satisfaction that will have you coming back for more of the same. The truth is I am very good at what I do and there is one simply reason why that is so true and that reason is that I enjoy everything that I get up to. It is fun that guys tell me I look hot, that they want me to dress up and show me off in some of the best establishments in London. I am a lusty lady that loves the attention but also gets turned on by men who are enjoying themselves. All in all it sounds like a recipe for success and if you have not tasted the delights on offer it is about time that you gave me a call.

London escorts set the standards in the capital when it comes to sexy women and I love the fact that I am one of them. Gentlemen tell me that mu shapely bum in a slinky dress is a vision to behold. My nineteen year old body in a little black dress does attract a lot of attention and it is a clic look that is always a hit with the male population. I am also told that my black hair is very sensual and does give a clue to my naughty side. I like to think that the gentlemen I know enjoy the whole experience of seduction, temptation, titillation and of course the very best in satisfaction. This is the secret to an exciting time whenever I get together with a date. Every date is different and all the more exciting for that but we are always looking for the same thing, to have a great time.

This is something you can guarantee with a London escort. The reputation we have is one built on very high standards, high standards that we all have to meet. Not that this is a problem as meeting the standards is at the very least half of the fun. As soon as I know I am meeting a guy I start to imagine what we might be doing with our time together. I enjoy the preparation, deciding what to wear and choosing perfume. Of course this will often depend on where we might be going and just what my man likes. That is why it is always important to tell me just what you are looking for when we chat before we actually meet. That way it is as if we already know each other and we can get down to the good stuff straight away. The good stuff being the excitement of time together in one of the most exciting cities you will ever come across. It is time to play and it is time to play with me.


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