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2012 August 4

Afghanistan is a landlocked and mountainous country, with plains in the north and southwest, Afghanistan is variously described as being located within South Asia, Central Asia and sometimes the Middle East. Home of the wonderful Afghan Escorts, simply the best Escorts from the Middle East. Afghanistan's highest point is Nowshak, at 24,557 ft above sea level. The climate varies by region and tends to change quite rapidly. Large parts of the country are dry, and fresh water supplies are limited. Afghan Escorts will tell you that while this is a wild country it is also beautiful just like the Escorts in Afghanistan.
The nation has a continental climate with very harsh winters in the central highlands, the glaciated northeast and the Wakhan Corridor, where the average temperature in January is below −15 C, and hot summers in the low-lying areas of Sistan Basin of the southwest, the Jalalabad basin of the east, and the Turkistan plains along the Amu River of the north, where temperatures average over 35 °C in July. Nearly as hot as an Afghan Escort and they don’t come any more stunning than the Escorts from Afghanistan. The country is frequently subject to minor earthquakes, mainly in the northeast of Hindu Kush mountain areas.
At 249,984 sq miles Afghanistan is the world's 41st largest country. It shares borders with Pakistan in the East, Iran in the west, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan and Tajikistan in the north, and China in the far east. The country does not face any water shortage because it receives huge amounts of snow during winter. Once that melts, the water runs into rivers, lakes, and streams, but most of its national water flows to neighboring states.
It was revealed in 2010 that the country has about $1–3 trillion in untapped mineral deposits. The greatest treasure must surely be the Afghan Escorts, sexy Asian Escorts who are simply the best.


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