Vanessa An English Rose

Vanessa an english rose

A client told me last night that I looked as if butter would not melt in my mouth. Believe me it will. What is more I enjoy things melting and not only in my sexy mouth. The date in question was a politician in his 60’s and a very funny date. His judgement may be brought into question. I mean who would think that anything would fail to melt once in a London Escort’s mouth.

The guy I was with last night has been a member of parliament for over ten years and was very English. I only mention this because I find at London Escorts that most of the English clients like the girls from Europe and South America. They like to try something they have not experienced before and I can’t blame them. I am just the same; a change is as good as a rest.

That said many of my older clients are from England and they enjoy the company of an English rose. Of course they do so in the knowledge that the entertainment will be of the highest order. They enjoy taking me to their clubs and showing off their young lady. Occasionally I even come across another client in these exclusive clubs. It is fair to say that the upper cles do have a good choice in London Escorts.

Just to finish I should make it clear that my date last night had changed his mind about the butter and my mouth by the end of the night. He has also become a fan as he has set up another date for the weekend.


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