Vixens Escorts


Vixens are women not to be messed with. Vixens are women who should come with a government healthy warning. The dictionary definition is af emale fox, a woman regarded as quarrelsome, shrewish, or malicious. Try as you might my fellow men folk we are drawn to these Vixens like a fly to fire.

Even the great American exploitation film maker Russ Meyer could not resist the lure of the Vixens. He made Beneath the Valley of the Ultra Vixens and we must all thank the great man for bringing to the screen such great characters as Lovonia, the ultimate, outrageously abundant Meyer heroine. Junk Yard Sal the dream girl of every workingman. Flovilla Thatch a voluptuous nurse. Fellow Vixens Lola Langusta the topless and bottomless superstar and never forgetting the lady who put the x into Vixens The Very Big Blonde, Candy Samples. No wonder we all love the Vixens.

Who can blame Meyer when some years later he returned to the terrific subject of the Vixens with Super Vixens a cinematic masterpiece. But he was saving his best till last and we can still delight in his greatest work Vixens and the sensational Erica Gavin. Who ever said size doesn’t matter was lying.

The fact is dangerous women have always been attractive. They are a challenge, a challenge that just has to be won. What is more the rewards of winning such an exciting challenge with the Vixens are too wonderful to imagine. Forget about the girl next door, or the prom queen. The real fun is where the Vixens live.

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