You Should Have Your Cake and Eat It

You should have your cake and eat it

Johnny called me yesterday morning looking to arrange an afternoon date at short notice as he was in London and his wife was not getting into the capital until later that night so he had a few hours to indulge in what he enjoys most his favourite London escort Monica. While we were chatting on the phone and catching up he told me that he and some of his work colleagues had been admiring my profile and wondering if any guy has ever noticed that I am wearing a pearl necklace, Johnny is a very naughty boy but he does have a point. As he said his work colleagues were only interested in my hot figure, fabulous booty and 34DD bust. As he put it the magical DD always does something for him and his friends now know why. He told me to expect calls from all of them over the coming days but he had made it clear to them I was off limits yesterday afternoon. Lucky for him a date had cancelled and I was free to join him for lunch and so much more.

The thing is Johnny was very lucky as London escorts are in great demand and it is always best to set up a date in advance so as to avoid disappointment. Although whenever you call you can sure there will be a hot girl for you but it might just not be your favourite or first choice but let us face facts all the girls are . Often the thrill of a last minute date is not knowing who you are going to meet until you call. Whatever the outcome you can always be sure of sensational pleasurable experiences with the ultimate in satisfaction. So whenever the mood or opportunity presents itself always call.

It is fair to say that as a London escort I make sure that my sexy figure is always looking hot in sexy clothes. As Johnny says there is no point in having a sensational bum and wonderful breasts if I do not share them with the world. He encourages me to show off when we are on a date and gets a real kick out of all the attention we attract. He always makes sure that everybody notices when we leave a bar or club so that all the guys can start to imagine just what we might be getting up to and you know what that thing you are imagining, yes we did do it. Yesterday we had a long lunch at a fantastic Vietnamese restaurant in Hoxton and then went to a private members club in Dean Street to enjoy a bottle of champagne and take advantage of the rooms they have there. It turns out that his wife doers not even know he is a member of the club but then Johnny has always been very good at having his cake and eating it. No wonder he walks about with a permanent smile on his face.

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