Your Very Own Spice Girl

Your very own spice girl

As a London escort men will have lots of reasons for wanting to spend time with you and they are all exciting to a party girl like me. Last night Fernando from Spain called asking for Lucia and he was thrilled when he realized he was actually talking to me. It was the first time we had spoken and he was a little nervous. However it was not long before I had put him at ease and we were laughing and giggling about the things we could get up to on our first date. I always make an effort to find out just what the guys I am going to be spending time with are looking for, it breaks the ice and it also means when we get together we can get on with the fun straight away and that has to be a good thing for all concerned.

The thing about London escorts is that all the women are stunning and I often thing that the men of London are spoilt for choice and because of that it is such a lovely thrill when a gentleman is attracted to a petite blonde busty young lady who loves to entertain. I was also amused to find out that one of the reasons that Fernando had called me was because I looked like Baby Spice from the Spice Girls, you might know her today as Emma Bunton. I’m not sure how true that is and the girls told me that I do look a little like her but I have much sexier legs, better bust and am sure to be much more exciting. I hope they are right and I have to say that Fernando agreed with them after we spent some time together.

Of course as a London escort I know it is important to meet the expectations of the guy I am spending time with so I did dress a little like Emma just so Fernando could enjoy his fantasy. The thing is I was looking so hot when I arrived at his hotel he had forgotten all about the Spice Girl in the first five minutes we spent chatting to each other. We had lots of plans in place to rock London but Fernando told me that while he was watching me walk across the bar he was blown away by how I looked in my very tight jeans and tight pink T-shirt. I was wearing a sheer bra so it looked as if I might not be wearing one and I was not wearing any knickers. My red heels and leather jacket certainly gave me the rock chick look I was looking for. More importantly the rock chick look that Fernando was looking for. I could see he was very excited and immediately thought there might be a change of plan and I was right. Fernando decided to give London a miss and we retired to his hotel room.

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