Zaras Diary

Zaras diary

I love it when I get a call from the agency, or when a client calls direct. It means that of all the beautiful women who can call themselves a London Escort, I have been chosen.

Like all the girls I often take a look at the website to check out the profiles. I’m very happy with mine as it achieves a feeling of mystery. While at the same time letting people know just enough about Zara. My pictures are hot and I know the one of me in the denim jacket is hot. The photographer’s favourite was the one in the bath and soapy water.

We were trying to go for an exotic vibe, I hope we have achieved it. When I look at the other girls it seems that every London Escort is stunning. Well as far as the agency I’m with, this is the case.

So you can see why I’m so pleased when the phone rings. The great thing is that it rings a lot. What I’m very proud of are the loyal guys who always contact me first. Adding to this group of friends is some thing I am always looking to do. But I do accept that every now and again a client might like a change. After all a change is as good as a rest, and nobody wants to take a rest from the enjoyment offered by a London Escort.

The good news for me is that they always comeback to Zara, which makes me very happy, and very hot. 

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