Walworth is an inner-city district in Southwark Borough. Now there are a number of attractions in the district and there will be more about them later, but the major attraction has to be the sensational Cheap London Escorts. The name Walworth comes from the Old English Wealhworth, which meant Welsh farm. Who ever would have thought of that?

Now Walworth is less than two miles from the centre of London and as a result many of the residents enjoy a trip into the West End to indulge in the delights of the fabulous Cheap London Escorts. It would be mad not to.

Walworth is close to Camberwell and Elephant and Castle. Its main streets are the Old Kent Road and Walworth Road. There was once a common but that is now covered in houses.

As mentioned there are some attractions other than the sexy Cheap London Escorts. First up there is John Smith House, which is on Walworth Road. It was named in memory of John Smith, leader of the Labour Party from 1992 up to his sudden death in 1994. This used to be Labour Party HQ. You will recognize it from news reports during elections.

Manor Place Baths is a former washhouse in Manor Place off Walworth Road. It is a grade II listed building. You will also find in Walworth the Pullens buildings. This is a fascinating collection of Victorian live and workspaces and yards. The residents share communal roof terraces with wonderful views over to the West End. But now view is better than that of a Cheap London Escort.

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