Woolwich is located in south London in Greenwich Borough. It is popular with Heathrow Escorts, as the residents can’t get enough of the sexy girls. It has not always been part of London. Woolwich was part of Kent until 1889 when the county of London came into being.

It is famous as a river crossing point, having the Woolwich Ferry and the Woolwich foot tunnel to North Woolwich. As you might have guessed it was the home of the Woolwich Building Society. It is no more as the society was taken over by Barclays and the offices are in Bexleyheath.

Now here is an interesting piece of information for football fans. Arsenal Football Club was founded in Woolwich in 1886. The club were known as Dial Square, Royal Arsenal before becoming Woolwich Arsenal in 1891. They moved to Highbury in north London in 1913, and dropped the Woolwich from their name the following year. Of course the Arsenal have gone onto great things and have moved again into the Emirates Stadium. A new stadium built a stones throw from Highbury. Heathrow Escorts have been entertained in the exclusive executive boxes and are always a big hit.

Woolwich was also the location of the United Kingdom’s first branch of McDonald’s, which opened in 1974. It was the 3000th McDonald’s in the world. The American company opened it in Woolwich because they though it was a typical English town. It was also used as a location for the 2006 film Children of Men. Now a film about Heathrow Escorts is sure to take off.

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