Top Five Superstitions

Top five superstitions

Cheap London escorts were interested to see an article in the paper last week dealing with superstitions. The thing about superstitions is that even if you do not believe in them they are still interesting. It is also true to say that most superstitions have an interesting history although some may be a little farfetched. You will find superstitious people in all walks of life and even the most clear thinking individuals are prone to superstition. The world of sport for example is on the face of it very pragmatic it is just a case of winning or losing and yet you will find many sportsmen who are superstitious. This can take many forms for example footballers who like to be last out of the tunnel, tennis players who do not like to walk on the lines and many in horse racing you will not give interviews before races. Do these are superstitions actually make any difference they basically do in the minds of those who practice them.

A few of the cheap escorts were entertained by the article in which they listed the top five superstitions. For a bit of fun we will publish them in reverse order and in fifth place is wearing lucky underwear which received 19 per cent of the vote. Just what the individuals who are wearing lucky underwear hope to achieve is left to the imagination but I think we all know what they are hoping for, for the gentlemen who are relying on lucky underwear might I suggest you give us a call at once that way boys you are not leaving things to chance. And so to the superstition that made it into the list in fourth place and this is avoiding walking on cracks in the pavement, there are pavement in London that are in such a state that anyone who believes in this superstition would have to consider an alternative route.

Cheap London escorts are delighted to reveal the top three superstitions and the first runner up is putting new shoes on the table this received 27 per cent of the vote. We have no idea where this superstition came from and quite frankly putting your shoes on a table is not the most hygienic of ideas anyway and for that reason alone is a pretty good superstition. In second place we have breaking a mirror which could bring seven years of bad luck, now a third of people who are superstitious put this in at number two. Seven years of bad luck after breaking a mirror is of course one of the best-known superstitions and that ma account for its high finish. Top of the list with 38% is walking under a ladder which is probably the most famous superstition and even those amongst us who are not superstitious tend to walk around ladders rather than under them and that is an example of the power of superstitions.

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