Trouble in the Playground

Trouble in the playground

It always seemed like change for change sake by the government when it came to revamping the education system. Cheap escorts believe that it does not matter who wins an election they feel they have to rubbish what has gone before regardless of the merit. So that is the back story to why the government came up with the plan to scrap GCSEs in favour of new baccalaureate style exams. Well it might just beginning to become unstuck after a cross-party committee of MPs described the plans as untenable. They are of the opinion that the new system will prove a disadvantage to the less able children and leave others with worthless qualifications. The so called mastermind behind the new idea is the hopeless education secretary Michael Grove and his plans for the reform of the curriculum have been described by the Commons education select committee as lacking coherence. The plans were put in place last year when he announced that GCSEs would be replaced by English Baccalaureate Certificates in English, maths and science with the whole half-baked plan coming into being in September 2015. With the same exam for history, geography and languages to follow at a later date.

However the MPS have said in their report that they are very concerned about the potential impact of the EBCs on subjects outside the English Baccalaureate, which will be left with discredited GCSE qualifications for some time. We question the extent to which it is possible to upgrade some subjects without implicitly downgrading others. Cheap London escorts are pretty sure this has not put Michael Grove in a good mood but then he always looks miserable. The MPs wants Grove to focus on improving the education system in place and helping those students who fail to reach the standards required to go onto further education.

As you might expect and this is the case with cheap escorts the Labour party has jumped all over this report and shadow education secretary Stephen Twigg has gone on the attack claiming that Grove was, the enemy of ambition. This damning report supports the Labour warning that the Tory-led government changes will do nothing to improve standards, especially for low-attaining pupils. He was also supported by Christine Blower of the NUT who said that the education secretary is totally isolated in his view that the English Baccalaureate Certificates are a suitable measure to replace GCSEs.

However the most damming criticism came from the Labour leader Ed Miliband who said that he is not really focusing on those kids who maybe are not going to go to university but need high quality vocational qualifications. If you are a 14-year-old today you might know that you are going to do A-levels and then go to university, but what if you are going a different path? What if you are not academic? I think you or I would probably find it hard to say what young people will be doing at 18. What we want is a gold standard vocational qualification so that people know that there is a good qualification that they can do and it is going to be respected by employers.

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