Tulisa for Hollywood

Tulisa for hollywood

Cheap London escorts always enjoy a third division celebrity with ideas above her station and the latest lower division celeb to qualify is the shamed former X Factor judge Tulisa who would you believe is looking towards Hollywood and a career in in the movies. Hope you were sitting down when you read that because it is about as ridiculous as things can get. To continue with the story Tulisa says she may consider parts in small independent films but ideally expects to be offered parts in big Hollywood features to get things up and running in her movie career. Just what she is basing these acting hopes on is very hard to understand as she has no experience of acting at all so why she thinks that producers are going to be beating a track to her door to offer her parts in big Hollywood films is beyond comprehension.

Cheap escorts continue to bring you the inside track on the showbiz news with the word on axed Big Brother host Brian Dowling who has been telling anyone who will listen and that is very few, that he has not been watching the new series of Big Brother. Who cares? Meanwhile we here that Liam Gallagher is enjoying being back in the media spotlight over claims that he has a secret love child in the United States. An insider says he loves the attention although the same cannot be said of his wife the former All Saints singer Nicole Appleton who is not enjoying seeing Liam back on the front pages. It has certainly done the business for the latest Beady Eye album which has returned to the album charts and continues to climb up it. Just goes to say there really is no such thing as bad publicity.

Just when cheap London escorts thought that Louis Walsh appearances were being kept to a minimum we learn that he is offering to appear in a West End musical. Who on earth would give Walsh a part in a musical in the West End I hear you cry. Well it is reported that he would be up for a cameo in the Harry Hill spoof X Factor musical. The scary thing is you could see that happening but we beg you Harry think twice before you consider such a terrible prospect. It is not a good idea even if it is just a short cameo, the truth is in could never be short enough. Moving on and it has been reported in London newspapers that if you are looking to hook up with a soap star the Virgin first cl lounge at Euston or Manchester. It is here were you will see many a Coronation Street star it would seem they love a weekend away in the smoke and who can blame them.

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