Turn Back Time

Turn back time

It does seem to cheap London escorts that you cannot keep a good thing down and that certainly is true when it comes to bands. They say you are a long time retired but that is not true in the music industry where nobody actually calls it a day. It has probably always been like this but it is certainly true of Frank Sinatra who retired and had more comebacks than most, so much so it became something of a joke. Well as it turns out Frank was just doing what every musician is destined to do. The latest famous name to fire up the tour bus is legendary band Fleetwood Mac. A band that are without doubt one of the most talented and successful band of all time. They were also a line-up that did not think twice about sleeping with each other regardless of who they were married to. Of course this did in tile cause problems but it also provided the material for some fantastic songs and in turn albums. Sex and drugs have been the inspiration of many brilliant collaborations on vinyl.

Fleetwood Mac were a super group in the seventies and they are about to embark on a world tour and the girls at cheap escorts are looking forward to catching up with this great line-up and finding out if they are as good as they sound on record when performing live. If you are new to Fleetwood Mac and many of you will be I suggest that you seek out Rumours which is regarded as one of the best albums ever made. There are also some good documentaries about the band and the great stories regarding their sex lives. It is all good fun and just adds to the reputation of the music outfit. Also with a band like Fleetwood Mac getting back together you are guaranteed a great back catalogue and the line-up is chock full of music talent. As yet they have not said they will be recording new material. In fact the bans has said that fans reaction to the world tour will dictate if they record and release a new album in the future.

Cheap London escorts also point out that it is not only the great bands that get back together. It is not all about talent but can also be just as much about popularity and for some it is just as much about going out on the road to relive the glory days. Fans of these bands will enjoy turning back the clock just as much as the band. Most of all bank managers will be very happy. We are of course thinking about bands like the Spice Girls and even more recently Blue and Steps. These are not outfits who have got back together because of critical acclaim but because fans loved them and that is as good a reason as any, it is all about having fun.

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