Victoria Beckham Stops Singing

Victoria beckham stops singing

London cheap escorts have a lot of admiration for Victoria Beckham as she has worked hard to establish herself as a leading designer in the ultra-competitive fashion industry. Of course she had a few doors opened for her because of her success with the Spice Girls and her high profile marriage to international football star David Beckham. However you will find that if you are not up to the job those same doors will be slammed in your face whoever you are. This has certainly not happened to Victoria who goes from strength to strength in her second career as a fashion designer. Something that her critics fail to give her credit for, in time even they will have to accept that she has achieved her success because of her talent and not because she is Victoria Beckham, although that has helped.

Cheap escorts are not at all surprised to read today that Victoria is calling it quits on her recording career. Many have had the impression over the last few years that she has been a very reluctant member of the reformed Spice Girls. Victoria went on the reunion word tour reluctantly and probably only did it for the other members of the band. Not to mince words they needed it much more than she did. Even the publicity for the West End production Viva Forever was a real effort and this was for a production that contained the music she helped make famous with the Spice Girls. It certainly seems that Victoria has come to terms with the Spice Girls running their course much better than the other girls in the band. Of course the fact that she has made a great success of her fashion career makes it a lot easier for her to turn her back on a music career. This is something that the other band members are finding it very difficult to do as they are still only thought of as former Spice Girls.

Cheap London escorts are convinced that while Victoria Beckham has move on that the remaining members of the Spice Girls will reform and subject us to yet another reunion tour. Surely there comes a point when they can no longer be described as Spice Girls as time waits for nobody. You do get the impression that there will be one more throw of the dice maybe with a little nip and a tuck here and there. Just if another tour will be a success is difficult to say as it could be argued that the performance at the Olympics was not received well. However these kind of reunion tours have very little to do with the music and more to do with both the band and their audience reliving former glories. This is something that Victoria Beckham will not be joining in with and she deserves all the more credit for that. In the meantime look out for the Spice Girls and S Club 7 at a theatre near you soon.

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