Wimbledon Hairstyles

Wimbledon hairstyles

We only deal with the big news stories and as far as cheap London escorts are concerned there is nothing more newsworthy than a survey that provides up with the answer to the question what are the ten most memorable Wimbledon hairstyles. Everybody else may be dealing with weighty political issues, pontificating on the economy or the cabinet reshuffle in Greece. They may even be turning their attention to matters of health and lifestyle. It is a given that the music, the arts and anything to do with celebrity will be covered, but ask yourself this where else today have you been given the insightful top ten list of the most memorable hairstyle at the most famous tennis tournament in the world, Wimbledon. As ever with the wonderful girls they will go the extra mile to give you what you are looking for.

Cheap escorts think it is only right that we give you the top ten in reverse order that way we can keep you all in suspense. After all the girls are the masters of titillation, the tease, anticipation, pleasure and eventually the wonderful experience of satisfaction. So who do you expect to see and number ten in the Wimbledon tennis hairstyle stakes, the answer is Bjorn Borg. You might have thought the sensational Swedish great would have been higher up the table but no he squeaks in at ten. Number nine you will have to sort out for yourselves as Virginia Wade is to be found there which is quite frankly just dull. At eight we have another headband and this time in the shape of Pat Cash. The chequerboard bandana was a popular look it would seem but you could only love the Cash rock image. Next up Anna Kournikova and it is more than likely that it is not only her hairstyle that has seen her make the top ten. At six we have the greatest tennis player of all time in Roger Federer and is a very long time since Roger came sixth in anything.

So cheap London escorts can now reveal the top five and I bet you have already made your mind up about who will top the poll. You will just have to wait and see if you are right. For the same reasons as Kournikova we have Maria Sharapova at number five. She is the highest paid female athlete in the world and in many guys eyes the best thing about tennis, hard to argue with that. Boris Becker and his ginger look are in at four and it is a look that you are never really going to forget but I do not think anyone has ever asked for a Boris Becker down the barbers. So to the top three and in at number three is Serena Williams but it is a couple of guys who close out the top ten. Andre Agi has no hair now but back in the day his wild long blonde hair caught the imagination. Top of the tree and I bet many of you guessed this John McEnroe, all wild curls and red headband.

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