Zac is Back

Zac is back

Zac Efron is very popular with cheap London escorts and they were surprised to read that the clean cut actor had a drugs problem but they are pleased to discover that he is happy that the news is now out there and he has said that he is just a normal person who makes mistakes and now that he has put it all behind him he can move on and he is much happier now. This of course means we can look forward to further films from the talented actor and that has to be a good thing that is certainly the feeling amongst the girls. While the girls may have fallen for Zac it is fair to say that Paris Hilton has her admirers and as ever she is opening her mouth and getting into the news. On this occasion she has told the media that she has never watched the Kardashians show and went on to claim that the whole reality television thing is not for her anymore. That said we will always have One Night in Paris.

Of course Paris Hilton has a number of fingers in a number of pies including fashion and that is to be expected however cheap escorts were amused to read that Mr Selfridge star Jeremy Piven has done a spot of modelling. Those of you who may not have seen Mr Selfridge will probably know Piven from Entourage which was a brilliant show looking behind the scenes in Hollywood with Piven playing a hard man agent that was as funny as anything that has been on television of late and it has to be said his performance did not give one the idea he was model material. Well he is and what is more after his spot of modelling for a website chain and he admits that he enjoyed the whole experience as he put it no lines to learn just look as good as you can. You get the impression that Mr Piven will be looking for further modelling jobs.

Cheap London escorts thought it was funny that Strictly Come Dancing champion Louis Smith has had to defend himself against accusations that he has put on a little weight since winning the show and doing the nationwide show. The girls point out it is not just them that are always trying to keep in shape and meet expectations. Louis Smith has pointed out that he is not fat as some fans have said as he puts it he slips a little when he is not training but he is hardly obese and he is just enjoying time off and his food. There is news that the soap EastEnders is to suffer more cutbacks with courtesy cars axed even for the big stars. They have been told to take the bus or tube to the studio. I bet that went down really well with that collection of precious actors. It must be hard to be told you actually have to live in the real world.

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